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2014 Started with major changes within the company with the addition of a number of new principals and a comprehensive variety of high quality products.

OSAWA Drills and Endmills

A wide selection of tools, importantly for Rainford the addition of a range of through coolant drills, starting at 1 mm diameter with special drill points for different materials including lapped flutes for drilling Aluminium.

The new endmill products extend our range, not only in having larger diameter endmills but also a wider material capability.



Being asked for solutions to threading problems created a search for a high quality tap manufacturer who could offer answers for even the most unusual threading issues. The comprehensive capability of YAMAWA is shown by having 158 different products to solve metric thread issues.

XACTFORM Threadmills

Possibly tapping is not the solution to your threading problems and therefore consideration should be given to using threadmills for both internal or external threading. All products can be supplied coated or uncoated, with specials threadmills available in a guaranteed 3 week delivery time frame.

IWATA Drills
For really specialised drilling solutions, IWATA offer products for drilling hard steel up to 65 HRC and can also supply micro drills from 8µm to 100 µm diameter.

SWISS Manufacturers

We have a close collaboration with a number of Swiss cutting tool manufacturers who can supply a wide variety of products from slitting saws, gear hobs (for medical applications) to customer specific special form tools – please ask for information.

SAMURAI range of endmills
Samurai endmill

Competitively priced and capable of machining up to 55 HRC, this new range of endmills is available in ballnose, corner radius and square geometries (1 to 12 mm diameter).

Sliding head machine users
Are taking benefits by the introduction of a number of new micro machining products including, spotting drills (from 0.15 mm dia.), through coolant drills (from 1.0 mm dia.) and boring bars (from 0.4 mm), but more importantly our standard and special diameters for brass, from 0.06 mm up to 3.0 mm our tool geometry has been able to solve problems by not producing burrs.

Our technical capability to machine heat resistant nickel alloys with endmills having variable tooth spacing and variable helix angles giving excellent tool life and improved surface finishes has been extended with the CFB (more diameters) and the new CFLB (0.6-6.0 mm dia.) ballnose and CXS (3-16 mm dia.) ranges.

Wishing to machine harder steels with improved tool life should look at the new range of HSB (1-12 mm dia.) and HSLB (0.3-6 mm dia.) ballnose endmills.  The change in geometry on the ballnose gash to a negative rake makes quite a difference.  Additionally the HLRS4000 series (1-6 mm dia) of corner radius endmills with variable tooth spacing, wide variety of radiuses per cutter diameter as well as incremental clearance lengths can assist both roughing and finishing operations.

NEW KERN MICRO machining centre
In 5 axis configuration this 350 x 220 mm compact machining centre has a standard tool magazine with 101 positions (with option of 209), a 500-50,000 rpm HSK25 spindle, laser tool measurement system, component touch probe and the ability to easily link in to an external workpiece changer, and yet is only 1.5 m wide!  Also available with an HSK40 spindle with through the tool coolant and a speed range of 500 -42,000 rpm.

KERN TRITON machining centre
A new more powerful machine with a 40,000 rpm spindle, HSK40 spindle taper and full 5 axis capabilities.  Designed to link into the most popular external automatic workpiece changing systems, and working in a 3 or 5 axis mode.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries or require additional information.

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