Solid Carbide Threadmills


Are you fed up with tap breakage and looking for a more reliable process?

Compared to general tapping, thread milling is a much more stable process, producing a higher quality finish. Whilst tapping can be significantly faster, for projects requiring a high degree of precision or for larger diameter threads then thread milling is the obvious choice.


At our core, we are committed to delivering excellence to our valued customers. That's why we have formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders, such as Louis Bélet and DC Swiss. Through these collaborations, we are able to provide unparalleled precision and create flawless threads, even under the most challenging conditions.

The DC Swiss range of carbide thread milling cutters and thread whirl cutters make easy work of through and blind holes for both left and right hand threads and are suitable for use on a stable CNC machine.

Louis Bélet supplies a range of standard threadmills in carbide or PCD and custom-made tools for the micromechanics sector, suitable for everything from watchmaking and medical to aerospace and automotive. Their special 5000 series thread whirling cutter, for example, is calibrated to compensate for the deformation on threaded parts, producing excellent quality results fast with a cycle time of around a second - even with tight tolerances, the resulting product is first-class.

Whether you’re experienced in thread milling and looking for superior tools to complement your existing systems or considering making the switch from general tapping, we have the knowledge and equipment to help.

Why YOU Should choose Rainford?


 Vast range of reliable high-quality threadmills to suit specific material types

 Accurate, long-lasting and efficient tooling

 Custom-made threadmills for specific applications can be manufactured

 Fast delivery – most standard threadmills are dispatched on a next-day delivery

 Excellent return on investment with better results, longer tool life, minimal breakages and lower maintenance costs

 Great communication from experienced engineers

 ISO 9001 certified

LB 5500 Whirling Tool

Why We Do What We Do

I would like to say thank you for your assistance so far. We have only drilled 4 x 0.80mm holes 50d deep but the fact they worked the first time was appreciated by everyone.
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Moto Sport
We use OSG mainly but when we have a specific job that needs doing, we come to Rainford Precision because they are and do the Crème De La Crème of Products and services.
Works Manager
Precision Engineering
The End Mill was an ideal choice due to the unusual shape and the need to have a small radius. They turned out great, and the surface finish is really good.
External Works Manager
Precision Engineering
I would like to say thank you for the help you have given our project over the last few years. Your advice on the correct cutters plus the right speeds and feeds has not only helped with accuracy but brought the cycle times down so we can meet our project deadlines.
Mechanical Engineering
Education Sector
Thank you for making that so incredibly easy and prompt.
Manufacturing Engineer
Precision Engineering
We received your delivery this morning as you had promised to do for us, thanks for that, it is great when a plan comes together.
Production Engineer
Precision Engineering
A diamond service from Rainford as usual. The success of our company is very much down to the external support received from Key organisations such as Rainford Precision. Your company is one of the first I will always turn to assist us.
Senior Production Engineer
Precision Engineering

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